• Anukaran Banyal

3 steps to stay in shape during Quarantine

Sitting at home and not being able to go back to our regular lives has gotten us all down. The “new normal”, as it is being referred to, is sure something that will take time to get used to. The bad part is that this new normal includes a lot of sitting around at home and doing not much other than to watch TV or work from home. This is obviously having a lot of negative effect on everyone’s physical health and also resulting in weight gain and people getting out of shape.

Today we look at that how in just 3 steps you could be doing yourself a favour and keep yourself in shape without hitting the gym or even going out. You may find these steps hard or easy depending on your willingness to do them but you sure will find them effective once you try.

1. Watch what you’re eating

Being aware of what you’re eating is where it all begins. Taking in food rich in carbohydrates is usually where people go wrong. Now, you don’t have to stop eating carbs all together. Eating in proper measures and not too much is a good start. Cutting down on your sugar and caffeine intake would also go a long way.

While having meals, also make sure not to eat your full capacity. Leaving some space (about 20%) in your stomach is generally good as it allows room for proper digestion and processing of the food eaten. Eating full capacity or overeating is what leads to fat accumulation on the body.

A protein rich diet is strongly advised for weight loss as it is found that having rich protein diet boosts calorie expenditure and can reduce cravings overtime.

Moreover, a protein diet will also strongly compliment the next step in your efforts of staying in shape.

As 3 meals are advised every day, you may even add a fourth meal if you’re feeling hungry as long as it doesn’t conflict with the planned diet and is also rich in protein.

2. Get some form of Exercise

Once your diet is in place, the next step is to burn fat off your body.

If you have access to some dumbbells at home then that’s great. If not, you can still exercise in the form of cardio (power walking, running or cycling).

Starting with just 3 days a week is enough. You may go up to 5-6 days a week if that’s something you are comfortable with but otherwise for beginners 3 days will do the trick.

Exercising helps you get rid of that extra or loose fat from your body. You could just stay at home and start with exercises that do not need a lot of room like core training and bodyweight cardio training.

FYI: Skipping rope is one of the best forms of cardio one can do when trying to lose fat or even get ripped.

3. Get more sleep and avoid stress

You would be surprised by how much sleeps affects your ability to gain muscles or reduce weight. Your body burns many calories while sleeping and a rested body is able to function better.

Poor sleep has been long linked to weight gain as it increases your appetite and calorie intake. People with fully rested bodies have increased metabolism and generally feel healthier and more confident.

Same goes with stress.

Stress not only affects you mentally but it soon also starts to take a toll on the body too. With change in appetite and feeling of tiredness being the first signs.

These 3 steps could be more than enough for you to get back to an active and healthier lifestyle and not let the quarantine get the best of you.

Stay safe and Stay healthy.

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