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5 steps for beard growing and grooming

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Growing out a beard can be a tedious task but taking care of your beard and making it look good is a task in itself. While some grow beard on their faces really well like they have been given a gift by the Greek god Zeus himself, there are quite a number of people who struggle to have a full beard. So whichever category you’re in, here are a few tips on how you can help it grow and nourish it once you have it:

1. Wait for it to get to the max growth

What a lot of people struggle with is patience. They start trimming their beard as soon as it starts to look just a little unkempt or when the itching begins. Growing a beard can take time and you might go through a phase where it doesn’t look good and you look dishevelled and homeless but you gotta keep at it. Do not start trimming the hair from the bottom or the ones that awkwardly stand out. Just think of it as a part of a larger plan and let it grow.

2. Invest in some beard care products

i) Beard Oil

“You’ve got to water the plants.” Okay, maybe not the best way to phrase it.

But before I start I have to make a disclaimer: If you cannot grow a beard, there is no proof that a beard oil will help get some hair on your face.

Instead, what a beard oil can do is provide nutrients to your beard hair and nourish them which can help in keeping them healthy and also sets your beard straight, setting down those stand outs.

Beard oils are usually cheap and you can find some brands that exclusively makes products for beard grooming. Here are the links for a few options :

  1. UrbanGabru Beard Oil

  2. Beardo Godfather Beard Oil

  3. The Man Company Beard Oil

ii) Beard comb

Not just only comb, a beard comb. Beard combs or brushes are designed to go easy on the beard and not pull off any beard hair while combing. Other combs, especially the pricky ones, can easily pull out a few hair while running them through the beard. Beard hair are thinner and different from the hair on your head so it only makes sense to have a separate comb for them. Having it will help you set your beard straight with minimum loss of beard hair.

3. Match your face and style It doesn’t matter if you have a great growth or an average growth of beard if you do not style it right. When it comes to styling your beard, what matters the most is the structure and shape of your face. Visit a professional if you’re struggling to think of a right match. Focus on the good and heavy part of your beard and start from there. See what complements your face. You can find loads of different styles of beard to try. Unless you’re in a competition, it is not about the length. It is about looking and feeling good.

4. Train your beard

Maintaining a beard also requires patience. Once you have your style down, you also have to make sure that the beard stays and sets that way. At that time regular trimming comes into play. Not just that, but setting it straight with beard oil and giving it a daily comb to train your beard, including those stubborn hair, to grow in a downwards direction is also important.

5. The last tip is actually a small list of pointers that can help you while growing a beard - i) It might start to itch in the beginning, you can either power through it or buy beard softeners available online. ii) Make sure to wash your beard atleast 3-4 days a week. iii) Testosterone helps a lot when it comes to growing a beard. Eat red meat, avoid soy products and work-out. iv) Try and avoid those negative reactions while going through that awkward phase of beard growth.

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