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Apple Watch Series 6 Review

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Time to talk about the Apple Watch. Every year Apple comes with a new iteration of the iPhones and since Series 4, it has been the same story for the Apple Watch as well. Last year we saw Series 5 with some significant changes like the Always-On display, better chipset, efficient battery life, and now we’re onto the Series 6. How is the Apple watch series 6? Is it any better as compared to its predecessor? And should you buy it? Let’s get started!

The Apple watch series 6 is Apple’s latest and greatest in their smart wearable department and it is the best smartwatch you can get! This is the most complete smartwatch you can get your hands on!

Series 6 is my first Apple Watch and I was impressed by the completeness of this device! iPhone detects the watch as soon as you turn it on and you can start with the pairing process. The watch faces are limited but amazing and they kick-up the accessibility factor of the watch. From a watch face that just tells time to a watch face with Time, date, weather, AQI, noise levels, daily activity, and the freaking solar system. You can have it all and the best part is that none of these feel gimmicky. It's functional in every way.

The activity app is great, it's where you'd get your daily fitness stats. The watch reminds you to complete your goals, the watch reminds you to stand up and walk around for a minute every hour. The reminders, timers, and alarms are exceptional. I can't stress enough how good the haptics of this watch is.

Hand washing detection is another great feature of WatchOS 7. Automatically detects when you're washing your hands and starts a 20-second timer. Gives you a soapy thumbs up if you do wash your hands for 20-seconds, hilarious!

Sleep tracking is okay, it provides you with very basic data and there are apps on the app store that can give you much more data. If you do use sleep tracking the watch reminds you to keep a certain minimum charge for it lasts the whole night running all those sensors.

The Blood Oxygen monitor is also alright. It isn't as accurate as of the actual blood oxygen monitoring devices but anything in the upper 90s is alright. The watch measures these levels a couple of times a day and may remind you if the levels are too low so that you can consult your doctor.

The rest of the UI is again, Great. It feels fast and snappy. The always-on display is great. The speakers are amazing if you wanna take calls on the watch itself. Raise to speak is by far the most useful and my favorite feature. You just raise your hands and bring your watch close to your mouth and give the command say "Call Anukaran" and Siri will make that call. Don't even have to say 'Hey Siri'. Set timers, reminders, and alarms. Send text messages, make calls it all works very well without any hick-ups.

The battery life is actually better than I expected. Of course, you do have to charge it every night but it gets comfortably through the day with the Always-On display turned on. Switching on cellular drains the battery more but since I'm at home or I do have my phone with me I keep it turned off. I've been trying to leave my phone at home when going for walks or just running some errands, with cellular on the watch turned on and connected to the Airpods streaming music from Apple watch and the still the battery usage was alright.

On paper, there’s not much that Series 6 brings to the table than the Series 5 already did. In addition to all the features, Series 5 had, the new series 6 has a blood oxygen monitor, a faster and more efficient s6 chipset, and has a brighter display! Yes, that’s it! So if you are a Series 5 user you don’t need to upgrade because the changes aren’t that significant. What’s better is you’ve got a new blood oxygen monitor so you now have more health data to look at, which also gets stored in the health app on your iPhone. The new chipset delivers as the scrolling and touching feels faster and snappier than the series 5, there is a visible difference. Also, the new chipset is efficient so battery life shouldn’t be a complaint keeping in mind the new series 6 sports a 2.5x brighter display than the series 5.

If you've never used an Apple Watch or you're upgrading from Series 3 or older then this will be one heck of an upgrade for you. The watch is well built, solid on features, and is highly functional. You really can't ask for more except for a circular design.

That was it for the review. If you liked what you read, share it with others, and help us grow! Have a great day.

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