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Are Video Games good for us?

Video games are everywhere and are becoming a necessity by the day. The majority of people play video games on any kind of platform whether it’s PC or Console or, gaining popularity by the day, Mobile gaming. While some people spend most of their time playing video games which can have various negative effects, today we’re going to talk about how video games are good for us (If played in moderation). This article includes the findings and conclusions of various studies as pieces of evidence that support the fact that Video games played in moderation and be beneficial for us.

Video games improve our memory and our visual navigation skills

In a 2015 study conducted by the University of California, gamers and non-gamers were compared. They found out that people who play 3D games perform better at memory tasks than people who play 2D games like Angry Birds, and people who play no games at all.

Additionally, they took a group of non-gamers and split them into 3 groups further. The first group played Super Mario 64 – a 3D game, the second group play Angry Birds – a 2D game, and the third group played no games at all and they found that those who practiced the 3D game for half an hour per day showed improved performance on certain memory tasks.

Video games help improve our problem-solving ability

A 2013 longitudinal study found out that people who played more strategic video games had significantly better problem-solving skills and also correlated with improved grades at school.

Gamers are better at allocating their attention

A research conducted by the University of Rochester put out evidence that people who play action video games tend to do better at allocating their attention.

Researcher, DR. Daphne Bavelier ran a functional MRI study into the mechanisms that control the attentional allocation and she found that the areas of the brain responsible for attention had more efficient performance in people who play video games than in people who didn’t. They also did some neural simulations and found that in people who play video games, their brains were better at collecting visual and auditory stimuli to make the decision more effectively and efficiently.

Watch DR. Daphne Bavelier addressing about our brain on video games at TEDxCHUV here!

Video games can help reduce Cognitive decline

In a study conducted by the University of Montreal, they split up adults from the age of 55 to 75 into three groups. The first group practiced Super Mario 64, the Second group practiced Piano lessons and, the third group did nothing at all. They found that an increase in grey matter in the hippocampus was significant only in the gaming group whereas other groups showed a significant decrease in the grey matter.

In layman’s terms, grey matter is related to the development of neurological diseases and it deteriorates over time. The more it deteriorates the more likely one’s going to develop a neurological disease such as Alzheimer’s.

Video games may help with Anxiety and Depression

A study from New Zealand used a specially designed game called Sparks to help teenagers who are dealing with depression and they found that the remission rates were higher on the Sparks arm (43,7%) than in the usual arm (26.7%). In conclusion, they found that teenagers who had video games were more likely to have their depression cured than those who went to usual therapy.

Video gaming in moderation improves your social life

A 2017 study from Edge Hill University, UK took a sample of 708 people who played massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft and Fortnite and they found various psychosocial benefits. They said “Findings revealed positive relationships between MMO engagements (measured by a multidimensional measure), gamer identity, and online social capital. Additionally, gamer identity revealed positively to self-esteem and social competence, and negatively with loneliness.”

So these were some shreds of evidence that support the fact that gaming in moderation can be good for us. If you liked what you read share it with others, it'll help us in a big way. Get subscribed to Daily Dialect to never miss any updates from us!

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