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Countries that will pay you to visit them post Covid-19

Hi there travelers, Have you been bitten by the travel bug once more? This pandemic has not been great lately since everything is opening gradually, the government has brought some great deals and offers for us. Here are some of the countries you can visit after covid 19 and enjoy amazing deals!

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1. Las Vegas, USA

The entertainment capital of the world with the best casinos, hotels, and nightlife has an exciting incentive to get lure you back to Las Vegas, Nevada. One hotel CEO, Derek Stevens, has offered up to 1,000 free flights to Las Vegas after the pandemic. He created this campaign to help Las Vegas keep its reputation as one of the most entertaining cities in the world.

2. Italy (Sicily)

During the COVID pandemic, Italy suffered to a great extent. However, their spirit is commendable, as they have not only reduced the number of cases but also opened the door for international tourists to visit. There are some restrictions on where tourists can travel from, but they are more than welcome to enjoy Italy’s best destinations! One of the primary reasons Sicily has opened its doors to tourists is that Italy relies heavily on tourism to support its economy. Sicily, the country’s beach destination, is willing to reimburse 50% of the tourist’s airfare. In fact, a free night of lodging is also available! Furthermore, tourists can visit some museums and tourist destinations without purchasing tickets. More information can be found on the island’s official website.

3. Cancun, Mexico

The most-loved vacation spot Cancun in Mexico desolate since the pandemic. To attract beach lovers back to their beaches and fancy properties, they have brought an initiative called ‘Come to Cancun 2X1’. In this deal, you will be eligible for a free night in one of their properties. You just have to pay from your pocket for two nights while the third night is in the house! Further, some deals cover your airfare provided you choose an airline that they have partnered with. Could things get any better for the beach bums?

4. Japan

Since a massive hit at Japan’s tourism industry, the country has decided to inject $12.5 billion by subsidizing travel expenses. They have essentially devised a program that covers a variety of travel expenses and provides discounts and vouchers to encourage tourism. Travelers who make their reservations through Japanese travel agencies or directly contact hotels and ryokan inns are considered eligible for these subsidiaries. Japan has implemented some health and safety protocols in order to make it a safe place to visit once covid 19 is over. You could take advantage of this time by quickly planning a nice itinerary once international tourism gates open around the world!

5. The United Kingdom

Britain is one of the worst-hit countries has come up with VisitBritain’s initiatives to lure tourists and help the economy. Britain is keeping a certain amount of funds separately to pay visitors wishing to fly to the United Kingdom. The country would primarily sponsor tourists who are choosing the United Kingdom as their post-COVID travel destination.

6. Bulgaria

The authorities will take care of you if you are visiting the beautiful beaches of Bulgaria. The country is willing to pay for your sun loungers, sunbeds, and even tables at the beaches. If you are looking for budget travel, Bulgaria is already quite reasonable compared to its European counterparts. And with these beach expenses taken care of, it can be a total win.

7. Cyprus

Cyprus’s government has proposed an interesting deal to boost tourism. The country has declared that if the virus infects any tourists visiting their country, the government will pay for their lodging, food, medication, and everything else. While tourists are required to fill out a COVID-19 Traveller Declaration before entering the country. Visitors would also be required to present a testing certificate, as well as wear a mask at all times.

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