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Electric cars are the rides of the future

The automobile industry is witnessing a shift or call it a revolution as the demand for electric vehicles or EVs is seeing an increase especially in the last 2 years. The world is transitioning toward low and no-emission vehicles. Along with Tesla, now other major car manufacturers like BMW and Volvo are also trying to capture the market. EVs are getting cheaper every year and are coming with specs and technology with which they can out-perform a lot of their competitors in the same segment. Now with people getting more and more aware about conservation of the environment, the time for electric cars to take over the traditional internal combustion engine cars is approaching at a fast pace.

First let’s dive into the factors that makes EVs a better option:

1. EVs comes equipped with high end technology. Many EVs have an option to control its charging through apps. You can simply plug in it for the night and it’ll be fully ready for a drive the next morning.

2. Not just you, but your entire country could be benefited by this economical move. As more of the population starts saving money on fuel, countries that import oil can reallocate their oil usage into other means and be less vulnerable to price spikes and supply disruptions.

3. Also the much discussed factor, helping out the environment. With pollution level all across the globe on the rise, especially in countries like India and China, increase usage of electric cars can certainly help.

But ofcourse everything comes with its flaws, people do have some issues and doubts about owning an EV:

1. “Range anxiety” is probably the biggest worry about owning an EV. People worry that they might end up running out of juice in the middle of a trip. While it’s true that making really long distance road trip is worrisome, but as new EVs are coming we are seeing an increase in the overall mileage.

2. Another big issue is the availability of charging stations. While the US currently stands with the most number of charging stations, most of them are located only inside California. Also, not many countries are prepared to have charging stations in large quantities. And even if they do, modern EVs charge upto 80% in about 30-40 minutes. While that’s fast for a car to charge up but it still is a long time for a person to wait at a gas/charging station.

3. Pricing is always an issue when trying to sell something. Affordable EVs are expected to come out in the near future but as of where we stand right now, excluding a few small sized EVs, they are not affordable for a big number of car buyers.

Countries like Netherlands, UK, Norway and Sweden are preparing themselves make the shift towards electric cars, as Norway is even planning to pull the plug on the sale of fossil fuel cars by 2025. Almost every country is working on a way to increase the sale and usage of EVs in the upcoming years.

As the car technologies keeps on evolving and becomes more accessible to the general public at different rates and prices you can expect owning an Electric Car sooner than later.

What do you think are the benefits and challenges that comes with owning an electric vehicle? Is the world ready to make that shift? Tell us in the comments below.

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