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Food Industry during and after COVID-19

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The world is going through something right now that none of us could have predicted. COVID -19, a pandemic that no one ever prepared for. Just last year if you would’ve told anyone that a global pandemic will be taking over the world at the start of 2020, you would’ve been accused of making a wild prophecy just for attention or laughed at. The Novel Coronavirus is something that no person, scientist or government saw coming.

The pandemic has gone on to cost the entire world billions and perhaps trillions of dollars. Every industry (with an exception of a very few) seems to be struggling during these times. But for now let’s talk about the one industry that holds a place in everyone’s heart, The Food Industry.

An industry that is believed to be ever growing, whether you talk about going to restaurants or cafes or you talk about ordering in, these chains of fast food restaurants and Themed cafes have become a part of our lives no matter how much you love cooking food at home. But it also comes with no surprise that even the food industry is going through a tough time nowadays.

The good news being that till now there hasn’t been any proof of the virus spreading through food but still due to restaurants being closed in lockdown and people being hesitant in ordering outside food because of the uncertainty about the health of the people handling their food, our beloved food industry is seeing a decline.

It’s not all bad news though as big chains like Domino’s and local food delivery shops are still managing to get customers by following strict health and safety measures with its employees and offering clean and safe deliveries. Let’s not forget that not everyone can cook and not everyone can cook every meal every single day of the week.

But we should also talk about the food world when we have put this entire coronavirus situation past us. When its all said and done and the world is in a healthier place, the food industry is bound to pick back up again, growing as always but not in the same way because if we’re being honest, nothing will be the same again. This time, possibly for the greater good.

Every dine-in and take out place will have to follow health regulations to its extreme, also changing their seating plans to create more open space between people. Food establishments with lower or average health and hygiene ratings will flourish no more. Many ill-maintained meat markets around the world are already approaching closure. The food industry just like every other industry will take some time to get back to where it used to be but will definitely see a rise greater than before. So even though foodies around the world are struggling right now, we can say that there are better times to come.

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