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Watch Apple's 'One more thing' Mac event here

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

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Apple Silicon: M1

John Ternus, Apple's VP of hardware engineering is on camera, talking about the next generation of Macs and the new Silicon. Apple announces M1 which is designed for the new Macs. The M1 delivers a single SoC (system on a chip) combining all the technologies. The M1 has four high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. The high-performance cores are for high-end and tasks that require extra power, while the high-efficiency cores are geared for regular tasks.  

Apple M1: Eight-core CPU, Eight-core GPU

The M1 also comes with eight-core integrated graphics and Apple says it performs twice as fast as a regular Intel PC. It also comes with a 16-core neural engine designed for machine learning tasks.   

Apple's new MacBook will run iPad and iPhone apps directly

Thanks to the new M1 processors, the new MacBooks will directly run apps created for iPhone and iPads as developers can optimize their code, across the whole family of Apple devices. This also brings tighter integration across Apple's entire hardware lineup. 

MacBook Air with M1 is here

Apple announces new MacBook Air with M1 is here. Apple says the new MacBook Air is capable of doing a lot more compared to previous generation devices. It can support 4K Prores video editing, graphics-intensive gaming. Apple says MacBook Air is faster than 98 percent of PC laptops sold in the previous year. Two times faster SSDs will also ensure faster tasks. Plus MacBook Air has no air, and is completely silent. Apple is promising 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of internet browsing. 


Apple Mac Mini with M1 is here

Apple has announced a new Mac mini powered by the M1 processor. Mac Mini delivers up to three times faster CPU performance than the previous generation, according to Apple. The Mini is five times faster than top-end desktops in the market, according to the company. 

PRICE- $699

Apple MacBook Pro with M1 announced

Apple has also announced a new MacBook Pro powered by the M1. This is a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple says it offers five times faster graphics with the new processor. Apple says the new MacBook Pro is three times faster than the best-selling Windows laptop in the market. The new MacBook Pro has two thunderbolt ports with 4K support. 

PRICE- $1299

Watch the live event here!

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