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Mental health issues during COVID-19 and coping with them.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

What’s going on is unbelievable. We didn’t see this coming and it sure has brought unparalleled challenges for us. We are more precautious than ever and we are mostly locked inside our homes to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. The virus has affected almost everything in the world and our mental health is no exception. Beyond terrified by the fatalities around the world, it’s a terrible loss for all of us. Each one of us is dealing with different issues.


Some of us are depressed. We are furious that why is it happening to us. We have responsibilities to fulfill. We are struggling with their jobs. We worry about our kids or our parents or our siblings. We watch the news and we feel hopeless.


Some of us are anxious. We can’t control our thoughts. We feel nauseous thinking about what’s going to happen next to our family or our friends. We feel low physically. Our worries turn into terrors. We don’t know what do to.


We feel sad all the time. We see things changing around us and we feel lost. We’re away from our family. We miss them. We’re missing our graduations. We’re grieving for everything we were looking forward to, but won’t be able to do now.


Most of us have been through some kind of difficult times in our lives and we’re traumatized if we’ll get through this as well. All we see is hopeless flashbacks. We’re scared beyond limits.

These are the things people are feeling. But the thing here to remember is that you are NOT ALONE. Many people feel the same way you do. No one saw this coming and we’re all now dealing with it in some or the other way.

These are some things that can help deal with these issues during times of crisis and stress:

1. Be there for people and let them be there for you. We all are in this together and we shouldn’t hide our problems from our friends and family. Talk about whatever you feel or you’re dealing with. Use video calls to see your family and friends, and talk to them. Be each other’s strength.

2. Take good care of yourself. Not only be precautious in avoiding the virus but focus on the day to day things. Eating, Bathing, Exercising, sleeping give everything proper time and maintain a regular schedule. Watch new Tv shows or movies. Get enrolled in a certification course. Learn to play an instrument. Spend time with your parents, spend time with your kids.

3. At times like these, our emotions are heightened. We should understand that we’ll always have good days and bad days and we should try to be gentle with ourselves during this time.

4. Do not overload information. Being up to date with the facts and the reality is important but watching the news all day long is not what you want to do. Taking a break is important.

5. Embrace the stress. Don’t push it away and pretend like it doesn’t exist. Stress is common between each of us and we shouldn’t run from it and instead talk about it, acknowledge it and deal with it in healthier ways.

6. Focus only on the things you can control. We’re are thinking about the things we don’t know and can’t control all the time. We should mostly focus on the thing we can control like staying home and staying safe or little things like what am I having or dinner today or what movie should I watch.

Most importantly, live this day first. Decide what you’re going to do today. Don’t miss this day thinking about the day you’re uncertain of. Be kind to others, specially to the people who are still at work to ensure that we get everything we need. These are some hard times and it’s important that we fight our way through them.

We are in this together!

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