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Why is Apple winning?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

We all know Apple, right? One of the biggest companies in the world and that logo without which a mirror selfie is incomplete. As much as people criticize Apple for not bringing any innovation over the years but truth be told, it dominates the smartphone and the smartwatch market.

In 2015, Apple renewed and released the 15” Macbook Pro and it was hated by the people but it was still the laptop used by most content creators or just regular people. Why does this happen? Why do people buy Apple?

Apple isn’t known for constant innovations in their products. They believe in small upgrades, now that we are getting new products every year. And it makes sense. Apple products are known for their refinement and premium quality. You don’t get the very latest looks or features but the things you get are taken to perfection. Value for money? Not at all. But it is an apple product and it’s one of a kind. There are many phone brands but only one has iOS, many laptop brands but only one has macOS, many smartwatches but only one has watch OS. Now, I’m not saying these are the best but if they are to your liking you cannot find them anywhere except this one place.


What is an ecosystem? According to google, a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment is known as an Ecosystem. On the technology front, community of interacting products can be defined as an Ecosystem.

Apple has the best Ecosystem. I’ll tell you what does this mean.

Apple makes a lot of products like the iPhone, iMac, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Air pods and Home pod. But they also make a lot of software technology that brings these products together like Airdrop, Continuity, Airplay, iCloud. Many other companies have a family of products but what makes this the best and the most successful ecosystem ever is the fact that their products work so well together.

For example: you’re in the market to buy a smartphone. Say you bought an iPhone. A few weeks later you have to buy wireless earphones. There are many options but when you have an iPhone, you’ll naturally incline towards the Air pods. They work incredibly well with your iPhone like you just open the case pop them in your ears and music start playing automatically. You have to buy a laptop, again many options but you’ll feel inclined towards the Macbook and there is very high chance that you end up buying one. Once you start using the macbook you start getting your iPhone texts on your macbook. You left something open on your iPhone’s browser, no problem, you can continue just where you left on your macbook. All your data is synced across both the devices through iCloud. Now you’re in the market to buy a smartwatch, like there are options but the Apple watch is literally the best and you already use an iPhone so why not? Now you can set reminders on you watch, take calls and reply to your messages everything works perfectly together.

Say almost all of your friends have an iPhone. How would you like to communicate with them? For texting we mostly use Whatsapp, but iMessage is good that most apple users use it on daily basis for texting. Almost all the social media platforms provide video calling feature but they aren’t as good as facetime so you just use facetime. You’re sitting with your friend after a fun night and you want to share the pictures? Airdrop, by the way is the most legendary feature, peer to peer data sharing. A friend asks you to recommend a phone, you just tell them to buy the iPhone because it clearly works well together and it’s all someone can need. This just goes on.

As good as the products are, it’s these services that tie them resulting in, them working seamlessly together and people buying more and more apple products. This even applies to the worst apple products like the Apple Homepod. It has Siri which, let’s face it, isn’t Google Assistant smart like not even close. It has no Bluetooth or Aux, Works only with iPhone and Apple Music. But for any person who uses an iPhone and Apple Music and has an iCloud account it makes perfect sense to buy the Homepod.

Apple’s products work so well together that you just wouldn’t want to switch to any other product. But that’s not all. When Apple ensures that their products work well together, they also make sure that they don’t work well with other products. Like Airpods and Apple Watch connected to an Android phone. Makes no sense as they’d lose their functionality. Switching platforms from Apple to some other products, you’ll have to completely rip off all your data from the iCloud. Switching from Apple music to Spotify, because it’s clearly better, it’s just a few taps but getting all of your library from one app to another? Tough. Switching from iPhone to Android, you lose facetime, iMessage, App purchases and other accessories like the Airpods, Apple watch and the Homepod just becomes mostly useless. And so most people just don’t see the need of switching to other products and stay within the ecosystem.

Honestly, Apple’s ecosystem is good it’s incredible. Most people buy these products for their daily use and to get work done and for that getting into this ecosystem makes perfect sense. Your data is synced across all devices, your smart speaker knows your playlists, you can view reminders from multiple places, you can reply to messages from multiple places and it overall makes the experience very intriguing.

What do you think about Apple and their products? Tell us in the comments.

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